What Does it Cost?

What does it cost to truly make a difference?

$ 12 – Helps a family with some chickens – provides sustainable food and cash.

$ 50 – Helps a family with a piglet –  provides sustainable food and cash.

$ 100 – Helps a family with a goat – provides sustainable food and cash.

$ 500 – Assists several families with a fish pond.

$ 3000 – Assists a whole village with a block making machine.

$100/month with two literacy teachers.

$50/month – Assists a village establish a home orphanage for children, providing food, clothing, medical care, school tuition, school supplies and love.

Revitalize barren land with native trees, giving jobs to local people for only:

$0.10 for a tree
$1.00 for 10 trees
$100. For 1000 trees
$1,000 for 10,000 trees

$200 for medical emergency.

$250 – Provides job training in specific occupations.

$500 for vegetable gardening.

$1,500 to purchase supplies and build out-house

$5000  –  Purchases a small tractor

$10,000  – Purchases and sets-up a community garden for those without land to grow their own food.

$20,000 – Takes care of a whole village with multiple projects over several years.

Instill a feeling of hope for the hopeless
Instill a sense of caring for their neighbor
Instill a sense that things can be better for their children
Instill a feeling that someone cares, they are important
Instill a sense that they are not alone

Create job opportunities such as:
• Nursery operator
• Reforestation worker
• Bee keeper
• Construction worker
• Vegetable farmer
• Clothes manufacturing
• Teacher
• Medical helper

Provide an outlet for local products to get to international markets.