The Challenge


How do you assist impoverished people in a way that enhances self-esteem, gives hope, encourages self reliance, requires only modest investment of funds and becomes self-sustainable? This is the challenge, and this is what Village Hope Partnership is all about.

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Village Hope works on a small scale with villages where there is existing community infrastructure and there are leaders who want to make a difference in practical ongoing ways for their neighbors. We look for leaders in these communities who want to make a difference in practical ways for their neighbors. We have a local representative working with these leaders so we can respond to the priorities that would make the biggest difference and can obtain buy-in from community members.

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When appropriate, we help initiate agreements that allow some return of benefit to the village, so they can re-gift the support to other local people in need. Projects focus on housing, food and Nutrition, education, health, business micro loans, reforestation and jobs.