Welcome to Village Hope Partnership

Village Hope Partnership is a humanitarian non-profit organization with the goal of helping to improve the lives of impoverished people in struggling regions in Nepal. We focus on villages where adequate resources do not currently exist, partnering with leaders in each region to address critical needs. The projects developed through this collaboration address immediate practical concerns and develop into self-sustaining resources and programs helping stabilize communities for the long term. Examples of project goals include: providing safe housing, developing sustainable food resources, creating new job opportunities, supporting education for both children and adults, providing access to reasonable medical practices and care. In addition to practical goals, however, our underlying purpose is to give people in these regions new reasons to hope and dream for their future and for the futures of their children.

On the pages here you will find details regarding various programs we have developed, allowing people to work toward meeting their needs in a dignified, collaborative fashion. The principle we strive for is to provide initial support that will help people establish ways to support themselves for the long term.

As described, the organization’s name—Village Hope Partnership–reflects our goal: to form partnerships with villages, giving hope toward better, sustainable, healthier lives and communities.